Jadj is the debut album from Gary. Originally released in 2006, Jadj is an inspiring rollercoaster of audio wonders ranging from the beautiful and relaxing 'R.E.W.' through the summery 'Mr and Mrs Absalom' with its gentle nod to reggae, all the way to the screaming funk rock of 'Kintu's Mistake' or 'Subtle'. Along the way there are also glimpses of cool jazz and contemporary classical.

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Various other works

Gary has written over 250 pieces of music and here are some more for you, you lucky people...

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Soundtrack To Breathing

Gary's 2013 release showcases his diverse compositional palette as he moves away from the jazz/rock/funk of Jadj into calmer waters.
Soundtrack To Breathing comprises five extended, ethereal compositions in a minimalist style, ideal for accompanying meditation, relaxation or other calming activities as well as being engaging works in their own right.

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