Gary's Top 40 Albums

The following albums (listed in no particular order) helped shape the way Gary listens to, plays, writes and produces music. Why not check some of them out? Go on…

Gary would like to thank the following people for introducing him to some of these artists; Dr Steve Otto, Jim Goddard, Phil Hart, Jamie Howell, Bob Heath, Rob Watts, Dave Goodier, Scott Hammond, Ben Owen, Dan Owen, Pat Weir, Christian Topman, Jim Barr, Will Fox, Alyson Adams, Dr Graham Hearn, Rosie Walker and Bill Kinghorn.

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"Symbiosis double CD and download released September 2nd 2022. Get yours here.
New EP "Sinking" due for release autumn 2022.
Symbiosis album launch and signings/premiere exhibition/live performance (with Harrie Dearing) at Shoebox Theatre September 9th 2022. Get tickets here.
Updated playlists of Gary's music on Spotify and Youtube.
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Latest News